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A Business is Born

It has been an arduous journey. Since May, Josh and I have been juggling all the facets involved in starting a business, having a family, and working other jobs. All of the hard work has culminated in the launch of this website!

We're starting a business!

Last month, things started to feel really good when I brought on Chris Carter to take photos of our work. ( When I'm immersed in a project, it's hard to see outside of my own perspective and emotional ties to the design. It was really invigorating and inspiring to see what Josh and I have been working so hard on come to life through the lens of a photographer. It's also enlightening to look at a shot and start tallying up all the hours it took to make the shot look so dang pretty.

I've been cutting my teeth this summer. I've learned so much about working with clients. I've gotten a clearer understanding of my boundaries and how much my time is worth. I've made some expensive mistakes. I've learned about the difficulties one is faced with when dealing with vendors. But most importantly, I've created some spaces that I feel very proud to have curated.

It's been a really beautiful thing to watch Josh enjoy working in our newly renovated garage workshop, and to see how seamlessly custom furniture has found its way into my staging and interior decorating projects. It's a nice symbiosis to work with him---not surprising since I married the guy. He would probably tell you otherwise. I'm a tough critic and I ask a lot of what he creates for me.

In the end I think we both can agree that we are honing our skill sets and bravely venturing into a new field in which we are guided by our creativity and our desire to make people feel really good in the spaces they inhabit. I am really loving networking with others in the field, and assembling a team of people who can work together to bring a project to fruition. After spending SO MUCH TIME with children, this feels so refreshing!

We are so proud and so excited to launch this baby and get our hands even dirtier. Stay Tuned!

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