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Lyndsey McGuire 

My dad is a builder.  When I was in the sixth grade he started making me work with him on the construction site.  There wasn't a lot of heavy lifting I could do at that age, but he taught me how to swing a hammer and the value of hard work.  I grew up watching him raise houses up from the ground, draw things on paper, and then breathe life into them.  It is from him that I inherit my love of design.  

"Home" has a different feeling and meaning for everyone.  For me, it is the smell of old books, the plain white stoneware mug my grandmother used to drink her coffee from, and the photographs on my wall that my grandfather took on one of his many trips to India. 


What "home" means to you, is what interests me most, and it is the well from which I draw.  Is there a hand-me-down piece of furniture that you love? Let's design a room around it.  Is there a color that soothes you?  ​Let's find a way to use that color to make your master bedroom a retreat that allows you to recharge.  Hate all things vintage and want simple and clean modern lines? Great! Let's co-create a space that suits that aesthetic.  

My approach as a designer is not to bulldoze into your space with my vision, but rather, to get to know you and your tastes so that we can work together to create a magazine-worthy interior that makes you feel good.  I love working with people and I especially love CREATING with people.  Call me to set up a design meeting and we can get to work transforming your space! 

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