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Josh McGuire

I began wood working as a side hobby.  When Lyndsey began designing homes, she was having a hard time finding pieces of furniture that fit the specific dimensions she was seeking.  Rather quickly, it became evident that, much like our marriage,  my custom furniture could be a natural partnership for her interior design.  

I love working with wood.  Each species has its own character and feel, its strength and its flaws.  When I build something for you, you will know that great care and thought went into the wood selection, as I will accent everything that makes it beautiful in your piece. With so much speed and mechanization in our world, it makes me feel grounded to work with my hands.  I use durable materials, and put a craftsman's eye on each piece I produce.  My favorite part of completing each piece of furniture I build, is watching my client's face light up when they see the end product; something that was made to their specifications, just for them. 


Have an idea in mind? Contact me to set up a meet and greet where we can talk about your idea, peruse pinterest pages, and get cracking on your vision.

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