Occupied Staging 

Occupied Staging is a service offered to clients still living in their homes while the house goes on the market.  Occupied staging is broken down into several price points based on the scope of the work involved.  They are as follows:

The Quick Fix

The "Quick Fix" occupied staging service is offered as an addition to the two hour staging consult.  It is billed at an hourly rate and involves me coming back to help you rearrange your own furniture and accessories, pare down on pieces that are too bulky, and rehang artwork. No Hawthorn and Lily staging props are added. 

Price: $75 an hour

A Little Sumthin'

This category is a step up from the quick fix.  At this price point, we still utilize your furniture, but we add Hawthorn and Lily staging props to round out the appearance of your space.  The staging props are rented to the seller of the home for a three month rental period, which may be extended month by month thereafter if necessary.  

Price: $75 an hour + furniture/accessory rental + moving fee (varies depending on location and pieces being rented) 

A Little Sumthin' More

This category not only involves moving around your own furniture and bringing in Hawthorn and Lily Staging props, but it also involves hiring independent contractors to tidy up the aesthetics of the house by repainting, repairing damages, and adding some minor updates.  Hawthorn and Lily hires out the maintenance work, chooses new paint colors, and oversees the work being completed.  This category is particularly suited to older homes that are showing wear and tear and need a small investment to make the house sell at the desired price point.  

Price: Variable based on scope of work

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